Need some advice...RitzCamera/Quantaray UV filters

Started May 31, 2007 | Discussions thread
DStan Forum Pro • Posts: 10,532
Re: I would forget the filter.

Dan Thorberg wrote:

Hey DStan, that 77mm filter you bought wouldn't have been for a
Sigma 10-20mm would it? I was in a bind yesterday and ALMOST went
in and bought the same one from Ritz. Id like to protect that 500$
piece of glass even if it is a cheaper Filter.

It was a CPL filter which is not used for protective purposes. I don't use filters for protection, only for optical applications and where necessary. I'll put a hood on which keeps things off the front element and does not introduce flare. I'm a careful person and haven't damaged a lens yet knock on wood.
Stan ;o()

In the spirit of Occam’s Razor one should embrace the less complicated formulation or simply put, less is more.

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