Can you help? I am new in this forum and want ...

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Can you help? I am new in this forum and want ...

I am new in this forum, even if I look to it almost everyday.

In the past, a long past, I use to use Olympus film cameras, but my work didn't allow me to proceed photographing regularly and I sold all my stuff. Now, I am half retired from my activities on the health field, and I came back to that old passion. I started with less exigent cameras, a Casio Z850, a Panasonic TZ1, followed by a TZ3 and a Sony H5 that I just replaced for the H9. I post on those forums, learned as much as I could how to use Photoshop Elements and currently I have the 3 cameras and Elements 5.

But my first love, the Olympus Cameras, was always with me and I think that is time to come back with a more "serious" camera. I have the intention of purchasing an E-510, when it is on sale, and need your advice, and will continue to need in the future, about:

The Olympus cameras in general. How they compare, without detail, with the others SLR, in the same price category.
The E-510. Just your expectations. I already know the specifications.

The suggested lenses, for a start, considering that I like zooming and the less weight the better, preserving a certain quality. Just one lenses that do everything and I don't have to remove frequently?
I am very sorry for a so long start and ask your help for a so long list.

Please, don't feel obliged to follow my questions structure, and any support will be most appreciated.

I have high expectations on this forum and know how do you share your experiences and help the ones, like me, that are giving the first steps.
Kind regards,

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