An old D70 or a new D40?

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Re: Only one series of shots with a screen door in the background...

Wow, I'm really shocked. I just went back over my D70 pics and I really don't see it. But, like I said, I know my eyes ain't the greatest at picking up subtle color patterns. I'm almost scared that once I learn to spot it it'll ruin a whole bunch of shot for me Tho I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to spot it in many cases (even if someone were to point it out).

Any chance of you posting one or two of the less obvious examples that might bug you but may go unnoticed by less discerning eyes?

BTW, never heard about it affecting the 5d. Should it also affect the D2H(s) which has similarly spaced and sized pixels? I ask because I have ONE shot from the D2Hs where a funny color cast appears on the wing of a gull (but I'm not sure that's camera moiré as much as a natural prism effect from the oil on the feathers.

Kabe Luna wrote:

...and even that cause some color moiré. Sadly, the moiré rate was
high and that and color aliasing are the only reasons I parted with
the D70, because otherwise it had a lot to offer: more detail than
the Canon 10D, 1/500 sec flash sync, wireless flash control,
instant start-up, excellent power and memory management.

I thought I might have a defective unit, so I took mine back to the
Ritz store where I bought it and borrowed their demo unit and made
comparison images outdoors using the two cameras and the same lens
(35/2 + 18-70 kit lens), and where there was moiré with one, there
was moiré with the other. And a quick look into Phil's D70
galleries shows enough moiré occurrences to convince me it's just
part of the deal with the D70, just like, albeit to a much lesser
extent, it's part of the deal with the Canon 5D.

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