H9 Review is Up! Reality Check for Sony Lovers

Started May 29, 2007 | Discussions thread
Stefan V Senior Member • Posts: 1,340
Re: me? naaah... :)

I'd like it frankly. (don't forget...you threw the first stone at
me...not me at you.

ehm... I didn't throw stones! I just threw some sand... just like you by making fun of H9's "above average"

I have indeed read through some of your posts and agree you seem to
be a fine contributor - most times - to the forums.

Well in the hope you're actually serious about this: thanks!

Enjoy your H9 and I my S3...maybe someday soon we'll meet in the
middle and each get an S5

Haha... who knows! Unfortunately there is no such thing as a perfect camera. I really adore the speed (I was really blown away by the speed of the H9, fastests "compact" I've ever held in my hands) and the 31mm wideangle (whilst it is reported as being "a bit blurry at the sides")... the difference between 31mm and 36mm is a bit of a personal dealbreaker for the other superzooms. I went to diner with some foreign colleagues the other night and took my Fuji F30... with 36mm.... damn how frustrating it is to just get about NOTHING in the frame. Group-shots are virtually impossible indoors.

I might get the S5is if the IQ really turns out to be way better then the H9... I sure hope it will be because that would prove that it is actually possible to get descent pics out of a tiny 8MP sensor with a huge superzoom lens mounted to it... and it would make a fool out of Sony (see, I have no brand loyalty at all: I'm just interested in good tools) so they might really start looking into a firmware update.

So for now I am really hoping that Sony is going to fix the stupid mistakes they made in the H7/H9-firmware, most importantly:

  • NR and JPG compression way to high, probably to allow the 2.2fps burst rate. But it would be logical to have a choice in JPG compression, and not have this ridiculous compression in non-burst mode. Average size of my pictures in 3:2 mode (that's almost full 8MP but with the convenience that the pictures are in a proper aspect ratio to start with) is

  • fix the sports scene mode (usefull when time is not available to setup the shutter-prio mode) so that is does not strive to use a 1/60s shutter even in bright daylight.

Given the simplicity of these issues it is a huge question to me how they slipped through the reviews before the camera went into mass production. Even a junior firmware engineer could fix these issues in half a day with one arm tied behind his/her back.

No hard feelings I hope. For my part, I have none whatsoever. I
really was just having a bit o' fun that some folks took the wrong

No hard feelings. I just got annoyed because sometimes people are actually this hostile when you enter a forum and don't own a camera of that particular brand. I'm just here for fun, to gather information and help people out when I can.



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