H9... just an observation

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H9... just an observation

this is like the 828 mess all over again... and when i refer to 'mess', i refer not to the camera but to this forum.

when that camera came out, it was proclaimed useless, and became the center of very, very heated debates around here. if i replaced "H9" with "828" while reading these death-to-the-H9 threads, they would read just like the threads a couple years back. of course, once all the buzz died down, people realized 'hey, the 828 can take great pictures if we stop complaining about it and use it.'

i find it amusing when people spend 650 dollars (by no means a small sum mind you) on a camera that tries to do everything. then of course, they find that their new 'jack of all trades, master of none' is... well, a master of nothing. and boy are they disappointed. even outraged, evidently.

c'mon people. youre talking about a camera which costs less than most DSLR bodies alone. if you want images that you can look at pixel for pixel on your screen and say 'boy thats sharp', over the FOV range that the H9 covers, then youre going to have to be prepared to blow way more cash than 650 dollars... at least 3 times more, and thats just to get started. i'm not advocating buying something that you consider inferior, but i am saying that you need to keep things in perspective. there is no such thing as a free lunch.

if the H5 was so awesome, as pretty much everyone here claims (never really used one extensively myself), then what is the issue? the H9 is going to be capturing just as much detail at any given ISO setting (potentially more), even taking into account the whole NR thing.

quite frankly i see little wrong with the H9 samples. i wouldn't own one myself, but i see no reason that one couldn't produce a print up to 8x10 at ISO200. if one has issues accomplishing that, then i seriously doubt that the issue lies with the camera. for example, there is a thread on here that started with street images of a bus, with deformations obviously caused by moving air due to heat (yes people, even the deformations on the front of the bus were caused by this). to me, if someone can't tell the difference between that issue and NR smearing (and there were quite a few people in that thread), then you have no right to judge your equipment. none.

and believe me, the H9 has nothing on panasonic when it comes to watercolor. so relax.

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