Wow, how this forum sure changed tune on the H9

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Wow, how this forum sure changed tune on the H9

Up until the reviews of late, there was so much talk about the H9 how good it was, and how it had some shortcomings but overall it was welcome improvement over its predecessors by a majority of posts that I saw.

It seems that tune has changed with one or two pro reviews. It kind of reminds me of the Presidents popularity poll. One or two bad things said by a major media outlet and people get all stirred up and change tune.

I remember starting a thread back a bit, stating that I really wanted the H9, but when I found out it didnt have raw support, or NR controls, I decided not to get it. Not because I don't like Sony and wanted to bash them (I think my history can attest to my dedication to them), but because it just seemed so frustrating to me that they couldn't include software that would allow for Raw, or NR contro at a design levell. And, that it would hardly have cost them anything to include it in the design. Well, I was practically lambasted in some replies to making a simple observation (despite my personal heavy monitary contributions to Sony's Camera divisions), and it seemed pretty defensive of those who replied like that. But how about now?

I just wanted to say that I think forums are great learning tools, that being honest is the best policy. It only helps us get better products in the end if we, as consumers are honest. Defending a companies decisions that are detrimental to thier reputation only helps bring them down. As much as I like Sony, I simply think they made an oversite on this camera and could have avoided much of the bad part of the reviews (thus far) and subsequent loss of sales as a result of that oversite by maybe listening to consumers, or just thinking the software thru just a little bit more and offering more control to the user. Suggestively, slowing down a little.

What is alarming to me is the current trend Sony is setting with the lack of replacements for the F828 and R1 crowd. I am part of that crowd. I want, like many do, a replacement for these cameras that is modern and showcases what we all know Sony is capable of (and I don't think price is an issue for many of us). That said, the H series is still an excellent competitive bargain, and a great line of cameras all considered. And maybe the expectations are so high of the H series because the replacement/upgrades to those two digcams haven't been seen to date. Maybe too, that Sony was so much further ahead of the market over the other companies up to the release of the R1.

With the aggressive development of the DSLR line, im beginning to wonder if we have seen the last of the classics, the 707, 717, V3, 828, R1 and so on. That would be a pity. I think the fad of many amatures dropping thousands on DSLR's (all said and done with accessories etc, and dont the the low price tag fool you with the new low cost DSLRS) currently is going to fade, and real quick. Once they realize that that have to spend a lot more to get the same focal length equivalent as say an H9, they are going to start selling them off.

I think there is an obvious market line between those who are dedicating themselves to photography, and those who want a really good camera for casual use. I think that even pro's like to have a good all around compact camera that can still take professional results when taking thier expensive equipment somewhere is just simply out of the question. Also, I believe that those "classics" served to catapult many into the dslr area, and further thier dedication to photography, all the while retaining such a high standard that they make us come back and use them continuously, with DSLR systems and all.

Keep the H9 Sony, and intro a new replacement or upgrade to the R1, please. Or heck, just put it back into production.


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