Good Travel Photography Tips - Any Advice?

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Re: My travel experiences with Italy and Austria

They are people too!

jcgoobee wrote:

Italy (Rome, Florence, and Venice) : Let me start with my first

  • bottled water, soda sold in the restaurants are expensive. Buy

your drinks from the local grocery stores if possible. We're
talking about saving from 40cents a 2 lit bottled water to a 2 to 3
Euros in the restaurants or tourist locations.....

  • People in general a very friendly and nice to tourists. I had no

communication issues with them at all.

  • Restaurant restrooms (they call it W.C. or Toilet) are generally

dirty. However, the public restrooms which require payment (usually
less than 1 Euro) are a lot cleaner.

  • Lots of mosquitos.. I got bitten all over, and some are poisonous.

  • Dining out, even casually cost a lot... However, if you're

willing to eat pizza all the time, it's relatively cheap.

  • Watch your wallet or purse. I thought I was in alert mode all the

time, but I eventually got my SB400 stolen on the bus. It was a
very frustrating experience.

  • Lots of lots of photo opportunities..... especially in Florence

and Venice. The colorful houses, the rivers are stunning...

Austria (Vienna):

  • Food and hotel fee are less expensive than Italy.

  • Photo ops are not as rich as in Italy, though there are some

interesting spots.

  • Police women are very beautiful.

  • If you're approached with opera or concert performance ticket

solicitation on the street, don't be alarm. They are legit (at
least from my experience)

  • Weather is a lot chiller than Italy from the time I traveled

between May 10 - May 26.

  • Watch out for the bike only lines on the sidewalk. They are fast

and sometimes aggresive and you don't want to step over their

Hope this is informative.

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