Why are 17" TFT monitors 5:4 ratio?

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Re: Why are 17" TFT monitors 5:4 ratio?

You did not have the CRT set up correctly if it actually squeezed the image into a 4:3 rectangle. For 1280x1024, the CRT should have black borders on the sides to display the square-pixel aspect ratio (5:4) correctly. Usually, you can adjust this with the controls on the monitor.

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Barry wrote:

clausiam wrote:

Barry wrote:

Don't bother, I've just been told 17" TFT monitors have a 5:4
aspect ratio as opposed to a CRT's 4:3 ratio. Problem solved.

There never really was a problem Barry. Adding the extra 64 pixels
in the height does not affect the image proportions. It just adds
the 64 pixels to the available space leaving a border above or
below the image.

Try viewing an image on a CRT monitor set to 1280x1024 then you'd
see what I thought was a problem that also applied to TFT monitors.

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