D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: ITs all relative

PalmsWestPhoto wrote:

obviously to a professional it is not the tool that he needs

but for the group it is intended for it probably is very good

thats the difference between a reviewer and a reader. The reviewer
reviews a product with the customer in mind. The reader reviews the
product with himself in mind.

Then in this case the reviewer does not understand the potential customer for this camera well enough in my opinion.

The reason I say this and the big issue with this camera is the lack of AF motor.

I can imagine a relatively naive buyer picking a D40 up and then buying a lens from an on-line retailer that says "AF Nikkor" next to it and being astounded it won't focus on their pride and joy.

New users should not have to navigate a lens compatibility matrix to determine if a lens they fancy will work with their camera. They would be far better served by Nilkon had Nikon made this a complete none issue by sticking in a focus motor. As Ken 5d points out the lack of one has not made it a particularly cheap camera in the UK so I can't see why they did it.

I think Nikon lost the plot over lens compatibility starting with the D80. Like Pentax one of the big selling points of Nikon was the ability (not to say the fun) of being able to buy an old lens and have it work on your new camera with metering and (if applicable) AF working. If you were an existing Nikon customer your investment in older glass was protected and functioned as well on the new camera as it did on the old.

Not so any more unless you buy a D200.

First the D80 lost the metering capability for older lenses.

Now the D40 lost that and the ability to focus older lenses.

Spot the trend? D200 fully compatible, D80 less so, D40 even less so.

It is obviously quite deliberate but it is also needless commercial tinkering. It would cost little to add metering and an AF motor to the D40 and even less to make the D80 meter older lenses.

Nikon basically tossed away their backwards compatibility reputation overnight with these two cameras. Shame.


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