D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: Seems everyone missed an obvious point...

Nikon had lens compatibility lists for their cameras forever.
Nobody ever copmplained before.

The issue was hardly ever on this scale before, was it?

doesnt matter. it changes from camera to camera. Anyone who thought that nikon wouldnt drop screw mount at some point must be absolutely nuts imo

Actually no, the third party lens compatibility is NOT documented
anywhere except possibly by the lens maker. Besides the

It is documented that screw mount lenses will not work. After that it is up to the purchaser especially with third party equipment to figure things out.

When you buy a third party battery nikon doesnt tell you which ones will be compatible either. Give me a break ...

compatability issues generally apply to older glass. Very few
current third party lenses for Nikon mount have issues on most
Nikon bodies AFAIK. And all current 3rd party Canon mount lenses
work on the 400D.

But how about the 10D and 20D ? ... Sometimes people have to be able to read a little as well

This on the other hand is just a marketing decision. Its not
something I expected from Nikon.

Nonsense. It isnt a marketing decision at all. Utter nonsense

Thats a poor analogy. This is more like saying you can only use 1
brand of tyre on your car, and it happens to be the most expensive

Wrong. You can use third party lenses. Just not the ones that are screw mount. My analogy was better. sorry

Whats to figure out exactly?

Maybe one day you'll figure it out as well

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