Things you can't do with a D40(x)

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Re: not just for "soccer-moms"

Emeka U wrote:

but its almost like driving a car without power

how about because it's a '62 Ferrari 250 GTO? (or a 1980 mk. 6 AI nikkor 55/ 1.2).

d40 + 55/ 1.2 (manually-focussed + no-metering)

now, if you're planning on buy only newly
available cars (i.e. lenses), then yes, you've got no issue, but if
you want to use something older...then MF is your only option.
Why is it that having only one option is a good thing?!

it's a trade-off -- as are most gear purchases. if you favour the d40 compactness and ergonomics you have no choice and if you intend to shoot mainly pre-AF lenses, it doesn't matter anyway (except that you save a lot of money to buy more such lenses).

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