D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: ITs all relative

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

Two Truths wrote:

What about low-light?
Since the average D40X user will be using a 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 kit
lens, they will be pushing both their shutter speed and ISO.

The D40X neither has good high ISO performance (as the Canon 400D
has) nor does it have anti-shake (as the Sony Alpha 100).

Therefore, it is more flawed than it's similarly-priced
competitors, even for the intended newbie customer.

........Even newbies can use a built-in flash you know.

To quote Phil Askey:

"image quality-wise it's a dead heat with the EOS 400D (except at
high sensitivities); it's quicker and more comfortable to use, but
very slightly less featured, especially if you consider lens
compatibility. It would be hard to recommend one over the other and
the answer would depend solely on your preferences (I'm calling it
a draw)"

...Sounds like a highly recommended camera to me.

Both the Alpha 100 and Canon 400D are both cheaper than the Nikon D40X.

  • All three have built-in flashes.

  • However; both the Sony and Canon also have better lens compatability.

  • The Canon 400D also produces lower high ISO noise.

  • The Sony Alpha 100 also has anti-shake built-in (and has a better viewfinder).

Therefore the Nikon is still seriously flawed compared to it's competition.
Stuart / the Two Truths

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