D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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I think so, yes.

As with most, I was very skeptical with the D40/X. I do own a lot of lenses that need the in body AF motor. So being skeptical, I didn't pay much attention to the new release bodies.

Recently while shooting PJ in the streets of Manila, I encountered a very well known PJ in the Philippines who is also an acquaintance of mine, and I was shocked at what he had hanging around hi neck.. a D40 and with a kit lens, no less. I asked him what happened to his 1Ds MkII and 5D, he just answered that the he really likes the D40's colors and loves its size and excellent weight, just perfect for PJ style shooting, he said. When I asked about the AF speed and Metering capabilities, he just laughed at me, answering that its fast enough if you're fast enough (replying to the AF speed) and that metering is still up to the Nikon standards dating back to the film days. He also shared that he has shot some catalogues with his brand new D40, which it would seem has gained his and his peers respect, adding that another die hard Canon user has been swayed into using a D40 primarily due to the price but eventually because of the colors and convinience of the Nikon.

To end with, we compared shots at the end of the day, me using my D80 (18-70 AFS) and his D40 (18-55 AFS) on his laptop and unless you're pixel peeping, I can honestly say that the D40 can be just as good as a D80 in good hands, nevermind the 4 Megapixel difference. My skepticism aside, I'm currently in the process of trying to convince myself not to buy another body....

Just my 0.02

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