D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: D40 at 6 mp was highly recommended too ???

Angelo Jacinto wrote:

I don't mean to start a Canon-Nikon flame war here, but I don't see
why this camera is generating such an enormous amount of interest.
This ground has been covered before by cameras like the Canon
300/350D or the Nikon D50/D70 and they're far more capable cameras
than the D40/D40X. It's like the camera took a step back instead of
a step forward, and people are falling for it.

Like most people in this thread you worry to much about specifications. Knocking the cameras at the bottom end of the market regading in body AF motors and DOF preview buttons has been beaten to death and hasn't stop this camera selling.

The D40 is cheaper, smaller, lighter, battery lasts longer, bigger LCD and view finder and after reading the reviews takes better pictures. With the market it's aimed at this is what people are interested in not DOF preview buttons and a duplicate in-body focus motors.

Obviously it's not perfect but it is a step forward, if the D50 was still Nikons entry DSLR the Canon 400 would be thrashing it, that's why Nikon is successful and you just sit at your desk and moan.

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