D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

Ken_5D wrote:

DOF not nessicarily DOF preview should be in any class and
bracketing should be in any class more than a couple of sessions

FE2 Ahhh... one of the greats...


In '78 i bought an Canon A-1... but also lusted after the F1
There is something nice about those old tanks...

Yes, they are very nice. I have an FE2 and an Olympus OM-4, and they are both brilliant pieces of mechanics making the D40 seem like, not a toy perhaps, but close. However, I think the D40 (and the E-410/E-510 I suppose) are the closest you can come to those old cameras with a digital SLR. If you like them it surprises me that you're so negative towards the D40.

All of my lenses work as well on the D40 as on the FE2 except for the fact that I have to find the exposure manually (which is seldom a problem, due to the instant feedback -- often it is even a relief since I don't have to worry about the camera making wrong decisions). When people say that the D40 isn't compatible with "legacy" lenses it sounds strange to me since the legacy lenses for me, are all manual. The AF lenses are of no particular interest to me.

I was expecting to have problems to focus manually, with everything I have read about tunnel-like viewfinders on digital SLRs, but in fact it is almost as easy (even easier perhaps) to focus the D40x as the FE2 (mine has a type E screen, with no split prism). The 50/1.8 AI-S and the D40x is a splendid combination.

For me, the D40 is a long awaited return to a size of camera that fits me better than the clumsy D70, D50 and D80. It is simply quite a bit more elegant and it is not that far from the digital FE2 that I have wanted for a long time. So I bought it, and I am very, very pleased with it. It does a very good job of not being in the way.

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