D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: sheesh

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

*isteve wrote:

This on the other hand is just a marketing decision. Its not
something I expected from Nikon.

......Getting a little sanctimonious there?

...Since you shoot with another brand of camera, it's difficult to
even imagine what you've been expecting from Nikon. Maybe you'd
like to see them get bought out like Pentax after ignoring the
rules of the marketplace for several years.

I dont give a flying hoot what camera anyone uses or buys - I dont judge people by such rediculous criteria. I have owned 2 nikons in the past and liked them very much. In fact I switched from Canon because Nikon maintained compatability with their older mount and I bought some nice old tele MF primes at the time.

I would have no issues about owning another, indeed they share a lot "good points" in common with Pentax and I really like the flash system. If my K10D could have iTTL as an upgrade it would be a no-brainer. I also recommended Nikon D50s to a number of friends looking for a good inexpensive entry to SLRs. Despite its 6MP is was a really nice little camera and gave away very little in terms of day-to-day functionality.

However like most people, since buying my first Pentax I have accumulated some nice glass that I want to hang onto. Even then I would probably have sold up and jumped if Pentax hadnt delivered up the K10D just in time. Pentax's strange decisions over the years have caused me plenty of ulcers but hopefully a buyout will get them on a more commercial footing and enable them to deliver on their promising roadmap.

But one thing that I liked most about Pentax was that even on their lowliest models you could buy just about any Pentax mount lagacy lens and it would work just fine. It didnt attract all that many new users but it kept a lot of old Pentax film users loyal. Nikon used to be quite similar.

I just think its an odd and unusual decision by Nikon given their generally good history in compatability, but my point initially was that I think the full implications need explaining to noobs WRT third party lenses. I have already had one friend who was disappointed. I dont have any issues with anyone buying anything if they are appraised of the facts, thats all.

So you can call me sanctimonious if you like, but I assure you this is not a "brand biased" comment on my part. I have owned and enjoyed them all over the years.

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