D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: Seems everyone missed an obvious point...

Thanks for explaining the legacy issue in more detail.

My issue is not so much the fact that they dropped support for screw focus lenses (though I think that would put me off buying one its probably fine for most folk) but that no-one including reviewers pointed out what that actually means to buyers who would naturally assume that a current, up to date, AF nikon mount third party lens would definately work on their new camera.

There is not a lot of choice out there for budget 70-300 lenses for instance, or super-zooms, if you dont have a screw drive. Sure there are alternatives even from Sigma, Tokina and Tamron that use in-lens motors, but there are plenty of equally nice ones that dont.

Nikon are entitled to make any choices they want, my issue is primarily that the true implications should be discussed in any consumer based report, since thats the whole point of them. I am not arguing about Phil's ratings or his impression of IQ. Just the things he omitted to mention.

PhotoTraveler wrote:
Uh, I would say this is minor for them.

In around '74 the changed something in one the linkages that caused
damage to the camera if you mix matched pre and post 74 lenses and
bodies. I think if you had a higher level body, the older lenses
would still work right.

Of course later they brought out lenses with roms, and the old
bodies had no way to read that. Same for when they brought out AF
lenses, those clearly don't work on non AF bodies, you have to
manual focus. Really nikon has just given the D40 a mount that is
rather mid 1980s style.

Later they removed aperture linkage for manual focus lenses, so
manual nikkors only fully work on higher end bodies like the D200
and up.

They removed the Aperture ring from the lenses recently, this is
the G lenses (G is for "Gone is your aperture ring"). So these
lenses cannot be used on older bodies with no on body aperture

Removing the AF motor is no different, it's just the evolution of
things. Nikon clearly survived fine when they tossed Manual Focus
lens support on bodies. Forcing people to stop them done manualy.
Now they make people have to manual focus some older AF lenses if
they use those.

Nikon has probably the least consistent mount out there. Maybe
pentax has done more wacky over time. But both are in the same
boat of keeping a legacy mount going. So this stuff happens. Canon
and Minolta did do overs, which causes big pains up front, but now
have caused them to be very stable for 2 decades.

But for Nikon, they have to make changes sometimes to move things
forwards. Anyone could see the AF motor going away, it was the
clear next step and the value of that motor was reduced with every
new lens they made. The 10.5 DX fish is the only modern era lens
they have that is not AFS. Everything since has been AFS.

Life moves on.

*isteve wrote:

Nikon had lens compatibility lists for their cameras forever.
Nobody ever copmplained before.

The issue was hardly ever on this scale before, was it?

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