D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

Peter Bendheim wrote:

Methinks it takes great images and a brilliant price and that if
you want all the features you talk about buy a fancier model...yes,
they exist...if it had everything the D200/80 etc had there would
be no need to have a model range...

Is that not obvious???

But that logic doesn't lend itself to a good conspiracy theory...

So, horses for courses, as they say. having said that I think the
D40 is a brillianrt camera that provides outstanding IQ in an easy
to use package that price wise could not have been even concieved a
few years ago.

Can you actually disagree with that?

Well, I do seem to remember the prices being a bit higher a few years ago....

Having said that, the camera earns its rating on what it is for the
money paid and in the class of camera it finds itself. No-one is
saying that it's the same as a D2x or 1DS111just because it has and
excellent rating.

Wow, an entry level DSLR with excellent IQ... obviously targeted at a specific audience. But the missing features seem to be a real dealbreaker for some of these guys Peter, you know, the ones with 5D's that couldn't wait to get their paws on a D40.

Oh well, better luck next time Nikon.

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