D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Peter Bendheim
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Same old b/s...todays rubbish, tomorrow's legend

When the D50 came out there were endless posts pulling it to shreds.

I happened to like it and defended it and got mauled by the gadget pack in the process.
Now, there are posts like "Where can I get a D50?" "Love my D50", blah blah...

Same with the D100. Soft pictures, underexposure, blah, blah. But in a recent thread a whole bunch of folk lovingly stick with this camera. Over the last year or two, I get to see excellent results from the D100...

Same with the Canon G7. Rubbish they said. Gone backwards from the G6, the cried, Canon's going to the dogs, they yelled....Now, people love them to bits.......

What a bunch of wierdos....I guess in a year or two you'll all be lovin' the D40, huh?

Well I read Thom Hogan and that was all I needed to convince me that the D40 was a great portable solution to my neck killin' big cams.

Why do we go through all this everytime a new camera hits the shelves or Phil puts pen to paper????

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