D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

Ken_5D wrote:

d94ka wrote:

Ken_5D wrote:

I had forgetten about no DOF preview..

That's two exercises in any "Intro to Photography" course the D40
owners will have to work around..

and DOF.. (though you can take a few seconds to check it in the LCD)

I wonder if any Community college courses will have to * the
approved equipment for photography classes

Students may bring any Film or Digital SLR to complete homework
(except Nikon D40 and D40x)

The cynical aspect of this is that Bracketing is all firmware.. no
extra parts needed.

Bracketing and DOF preview are hardly important features in any
photography course that I can imagine. Until I bought my D40x, my
camera of choice was a Nikon FE2. It too lacks those features, but
I have had no problems in any class I have attended with it and it
has been an absolutely wonderful camera. They would have to put
that on the list of non-approved cameras as well.

DOF not nessicarily DOF preview should be in any class and
bracketing should be in any class more than a couple of sessions

I would agre with both statements. But when attending college for photogrpahy I think the discussion on Bracketing was all of a half an hour long and followed up with it being required on some assignments.

DOF on the other hand consumed many hours of classroom explanation discussion and assignments. Teachers considered DOF preview pretty much a must have item back then (1990)

There were cameras that had autofocus, auto wind, maybe some even had autobraketing back then, but for shooling we were required to have manual cameras and hand held light meters (we were allowed to use A or S modes but told to check them with the hand held meter).

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