D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: Ken, really

No - its an CHEAP camera. Many experienced photographers are not wealthy middle class middle aged westerners but they now dont have a nikon to buy, IMO.

Why a cheap camera should be automatically labeled as a "beginner" camera is just typical snobbery.

If I was poor, I would rather have a basic camera as long as it was compatible with cheap and second hand lenses.

moonflower wrote:

the D40x is an entry level cam. For most consumers who are its
targeted market, they will get by on with the kit lenses or
something along the lines of the 18-70, 70-300 combo. For these
users, which would be the majority, the camera isn't crippled at
all. All the consumer knows is they get nice pictures, which is why
they bought the camera in the first place. What don't you get about
this? Time to chase the bees out of your house and take a nap.

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Pixel peepers miss the big picture.

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