D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: Seems everyone missed an obvious point...

*isteve wrote:

I have no doubt that the output from the D40X is very good and just
what newcomers to SLRs would find pleasing. Full marks.

But dropping support for screw mount lenses does not just cut users
off from half of Nikons lens lineup (mostly primes and older lenses
of less interest to newbies) but a very high proportion of budget
third party lenses in Nikon mount.

Budget model? If its a budget model I would like to be able to use
some decent budget lenses like the Tamron 70-300.

And in the UK at least, its lack of options do not seem to have
done much to keep the price down. The A100 and 400D are around the
same price with none of the compromises and the K100D is £100

I think reviewers should at least provide some warning to
prospective (mainly newbie) buyers of exactly what this lack of
support really means. As far as Phils review the issue was glossed
over and third party lens compatability was not mentioned. When a
friend of mine bought a D40 and found out about this she was so
upset (the salesman had somehow failed to tell her as well) she
exchanged it for a 400D the next day and gave the salesman a
chewing out he'll remember for a few days. Thats my girl....

Good for her.... I know some people like to write this discussion off to Fanboyism..its not that. It comes out of an understanding of what Nikon has built in name and respect. I suspect your friend chose the D40 because of the Nikon Legacy and was upset to find she had a marketing trap first and a camera second. It is a cynical leverage of the Nikon legacy.. I don't know that many other makers could hope to compete with as crippled a camera.

The Nikon fans should be the most upset. It weakens the brand in my opinion... Most of the Sony/KM users would be starting the critical posts if Sony pulled this... it's a tough crowd over there watching like hawks for marketing vs good design problems with Sony.

Hope she loves her new camera!!! She is the kind of user that deserved her first Nikon to be a REAL Nikon.
Ken - KM 5D

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