D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Image Quality...

The only thing that annoys me about that review is his comparison of image quality to the 400D, he states that they are equal, but then digresses by saying expcept at higher iso speeds... Either they're equal or they're not; my canon G7 produces great noise free images at iso80 that compare very well to my canon 350D, but at high iso's the 350D trounces it (naturally) so i wouldnt say they were equal in image quality...

That aside the D40x seems to be a very good camera i must say - i wish my 350D had a grip like it. The lack of AF with all lenses would annoy me though, and compared to the 400D's 9 point AF the 3 point AF of the D40x seems pretty dated, but maybe for its target audience this is better as many may find this simpler to start off with, and if it aint broke dont fix it...?

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