D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Of course I expect every reviewer to come to their own conclusions,
such is the nature of a review site..paper or on the internet.

But however cute the D40 range of cameras are, is it too cut down
to really merit the real contender title?

A list of areas that could be considered minus points:

No in camera motor, limits lens choice.
No exposure/wb bracketing.
3 point AF system.
Reduced on body controls.
No DOF preview

As ever its not all bad...but considering the UK price is about
£430, level with the A-100, and a little less than the Canon 400.
Does a price of £300 sound a bit more like it? After all if Nikon
chopped out so much, to reduce costs, surely the buyer would be
able to live with this more.

I find it hard to understand how maker gets high praise for
chopping out features (some of which are pretty damn
handy...exposure bracketing is an absurd one to leave out) Sure
some on the list are not deal breakers...but

Buyers looking to expand their lens range with s/h or non nikon
lenses are going to have some serious limitations, who wants to buy
an AF lens that wont AF? I could say that this is an interesting
ploy to help nikon lens sales

This might be a good camera for someone new to SLR's, a P&S
dabbler..or upgrader..might just not care and get the twin lens
kit, serious users are going to find that the shortcomings are less
easy to live with.

Imagine a slightly larger body (its too small for my hands), and
all the issues above addressed.......Nikon could have had a real
killer camera here, they missed the chance.

Every camera is far from perfect...Canon 400, Sony A-100, Pentax
K100 series all have weak spots, but surely this is a cut down
camera too far.

I am not new to SLR's, nor am I a dabbler or upgrader, I have been taking pictures using various types and brands of cameras for more than 25 years, so I am certainly no novice.

Before I bought the D40X, I checked out what it could and couldn't do, I also went to my local camera store and had a play with other brands but I decided the D40X suited me best.

I like it's size, user interface and especially it's output. I have had no problems with the so-called lack of lenses and I already have four which cover most of my required focal range at the moment, with plenty others to choose from. I don't care about it's lack of DOF preview or exposure bracketing etc, I knew about all those shortcomings before I bought it and I don't regret my decision to buy for one second.

The D40/40X cameras have been for the most part very enthusiastically received by the media and it seems to me that there are a few noses out of joint on this forum because of their success.

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