D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: I think this has been done back then

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

The D40 isnt a load cheaper......thats is the massive issue.........

Unlike film SLRs, low-end DSLRs are still nowhere as cheap, yet. What this means is, an exact same $30 feature which might appear more expensive on film SLR but less expensive on DSLR because of different percentage saving. It could be a 12% difference ($250 vs $280) for a low-end film SLR, but 4% difference ($700 vs $730) for D40X (just an example). But for the DSLR low-end market where every manufacturers are trying to produce the cheapest models, every buck counts (and the camera AF motor module is not cheap either). But it is also true that some "software" features have been removed so that people are more likely to upgrade to something more expensive in the future. And with a well known and respected brand like Nikon, they can get away with it because people will keep buying anyway. This is especially true for newcomers who know little. They usually buy safe and buy Nikon (or Canon).
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