D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: BraveUlysses

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

BraveUlysses wrote:

Can you say D80?

..........Most of these complainers don't use Nikon and don't want
to see Nikon doing well in the marketplace. It's obvious that the
D80 is the best choice for any new person who is concerned about a
path for future upgrades. These guys are nuts if they think that
most entry level DSLR buyers will ever want to do that though.
These forum complainers probably know this but still can't resist a
chance to bash Nikon and DPR because of their issues.........SONY,
KM, Oly and even Pentax fanboys......all of them!

....It's satisfying to know that none of the Canon guys are
interested in this kind of subterfuge. Liike the Nikon users,
they're probably busy shooting photographs with their 'crippled'

Just maybe some of the Nikon people who have questions about this one review... (as in even a D40 owner... Guess he is just a Sony Fanboy...using Nikon Cameras)

One thing I have to say about the Sony/KM users. they are tough as nails on SOny and question everything... Only Nikon could cripple a DSLR this bad and have people acting like it was innovative...

Oh look over there isn't that the Emperor naked?

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