D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

PhotoTraveler wrote:

Just because it's software doesn't mean it's something they will
put in.

You have to create differences in your products. Companies will
remove things from products that save them no money, maybe even
cost them some money, but it gives them a product structure to work
with which gives them more flexibility in pricing.

Remove something on the camera with $30 profit on it that actually
results in you only making $29.5 profit on it because of the effort
on designing that feature out (in this case removing code from the
software and testing it). But now you made that feature which
remains on the next higher model have something of desire. That
model has $100 profit on it. So now you cost yourself 50cents
profit on one model, but boosted sales on the model that makes 70
bucks more than the cheaper model.

Camera makers don't remove stuff that no ones uses. Thus video out
and direct printing features remain in cameras, even if it's a very
rare person who uses them. No one will buy the higher end model to
get them. Infact many would pay a few bucks more to have the camera
not come with them. Sorta like scene modes, when you buy a higher
end camera, you are paying to remove stuff you don't use/want.

I'm a certified Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager.. I know exactly why they did it. To make sure no one gets a REAL Nikon DSLR for less than a grand..($90 low street)

The D40 is meant to force new hobbyists into a D80 and make the D40 feel obsolete to anyone who grows into a hobbyist / photographer so they have to upgrade just to do what Photograhpy for Dummies suggest (bracketing some tough shots)

Its cynical as hell.. and when a leading site like DPREVIEW lets it slide. they will just keep doing it. Next time they might take out Aperature Prioroty mode...Then Shutter..Priority.. manual..etc. Heck do these new users even really need to chose thier own ISO?

It will just be a P&S designed to sell lenses to people with too much cash and no photo education. And along the way a some people who assumed Nikon meant great cameras will find they got sold an illusion of a DSLR.

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