D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: Bracketing is...

Mr Ralf wrote:

... for cameras with malfunctioning metering resulting in bad
...like KM5D maybe..?!?! (just guessing here)

Despite the fact that the 5D got universal great reviews...and compliments no how good the metering is?

Unlike the D80..........and note the continuos stream of "my D80 overexposes"....and even Ken Rockwell said it was the worst nikon ever for metering. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm you are reaching. The KM5D isnt perfect...has its issues too...but what it does have is a full feature set..and even more over at the time competitors....even today the spec is great.....of course 10mp is the norm.

I have no problem with the D40 as a cheapo entry level camera.........issue here is the UK price is not cheap! Its no cheaper than the D50 was......its more expensive.....what gives?

And I seriously doubt why anyone wants to buy an SLR and use auto mode only..whats the point in that? Go get a fuji F20 (nice enough as it is) if you want simple. SLR is about choices......and nikon have stripped it down to not a lot.

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