D40x........does it deserve such high praise?

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Re: Barry's on d40-crusade again

Mr Ralf wrote:

we from the d40-club don't care about specs.
P-mode, ISO-Auto up to 1600 , and the camera does the rest
change the aperture if you want
but that's it
and it does a better job than any KoMiSoCaPeOly-cams
(ever heard about the out-performing metering and Auto-iso from
Nikon out there?)
we care about composing good pics. and here's where the cam isn't
in the way between us and the pic.
because we don't have to fiddle with tricky buttons and
crazy-placed dials and wheels
use the Fn Button for WB, and the rest does the cam.
WB is the only big thing that needs baby-sitting.

By the way:
when you are still setting up your KM5D, my d40 already got 50
Pulitzer-price winning shots on my sd-card.

Hmmm fair enough..but the last line is a bit dubious!

Clint is on holiday! Soon to return!

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