1DmkIII shoots skateboards

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cityphotog wrote:

yeah... David is a former Fuji guy
that explains the colors (his signature indeed). And I like it, a lot.

nice shots indeed. Technically and emotionally. David is some
photographer.. it shows.

'bout the camera ? I still don't know how it compares to the mark2
(in terms of pictures I mean)

but I'll be following David to get some answers

hey man, thats some serious compliments...i am truly humbled. thanks for that!

the Fuji S3 Pro (setting "F2") the contrast was cranked and aggressive and the color was way over the top. i find the Canon files to be more than willing to accept an added boost of contrast and saturation. the only thing the Fuji has over the Canon is a bit more "grit" in their files. im loving the Canon look overall though on all of my cameras.

my goal was to have 4 Canon bodies for run and gun situations where i dont want to be changing lenses. im happy here. i dont believe i will jump on the anticipated 1DsmkIII when it comes out.

P.S.: if he keeps posting those beautiful 15mm shots I'll be
rethinking about that focal (and lens) again.. it has been quite a
while since I saw that focal in use

the 15mm is a very cool lense and more than sharp enough wide open. for this kind of skateboard stuff and really the bands and artists i shoot (which is how i make my living) i do at times miss the extreme wide 10.5mm on the F-mount.


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