1DmkIII shoots skateboards

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here is my more accurate conclusion...

hi graham,

i just did a test on the mkIII. in high speed 10fps mode i was able to consistently keep as low as 2 frames per click of the shutter. trying to get "one" only did not happen.

so to answer your earlier question which i think i understand now is that... it is controlable to as low as "2" shots fired and "3" (being the worst scenario) is very achievable if you are specifically conscious of getting "off" the shutter button.

i never shoot in the high FPS mode unless i am looking to get a sequence and willing to burn some frames with a burst.


Graham Snook wrote:

Hi David,

Thanks for that...I was just interested...When I had a play with
the mkIII it took a bit of time to stop shooting off a couple of
frames instead of just one...and I was also curious whether you
were capturing the whole sequence or just at the top of the jump

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