1DmkIII shoots skateboards

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Re: How many?

Graham Snook wrote:

Just out of interesw, How many shots did you take?
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hi graham,

the 15mm wide angle was like flying in the dark. he did the jump about 10 times i suppose. i shot at the 10fps setting and shot about 5-7 at the "peak" of his jump. i was only shooting @ f/4.0 i think and was at 1600 ISO. it was already loosing light on the street compared to the brighter backlit sky i was shooting into. i held the camera low and touching the ground and estimated my "aim" upward. i wasnt looking through the camera...all estimation. i did "PAN" the camera as he came into his jump. it took me a few times to get the general angle to aim, i cut off his head in the first few passes. i didnt catch enough of his face or it just wasnt as interesting to look at composition wise. i was on the back side of him for more than half of the tries....dumb! quite a few were technically adequate...but featured his "butt" instead of face and all general body parts.

i wasnt out there very long. my kid was waiting to go to the show and i asked him to do a few jumps for me. i deleted some after a sequence so im not sure how many i really shot. my guess would be 100-125 shots.

i hope i answered your qestion.


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