Pixel peeping agro and what I have learned.

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Pixel peeping agro and what I have learned.

In the last 5 years I have been on this site at the Minolta and Canon forums mainly, I have never seen as much agro, bitching, name calling as I have seen here on the Sony forum since the H9 came out.

I just want to thank you all because I started getting tied up with the pixel peeping myself and critiquing every shot instead of looking at the emotion of the shot and enjoying my hobby.

I must say I had been drifting towards the clinical side of photography for a while and coming here has just pushed me over the edge.

I have just given myself a swift upper cut to remember my goal in photography is to record points in my life that have meaning and to capture some beautiful visions of nature.

My stress levels have now dropped to zero, I have a smile on my face again and really enjoying my H9 and the images I am capturing.

So thanks Sony uses for reminding me again "That it is about the image not the camera."

So have fun and enjoy your photography.
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