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Re: Sorry one more question, Simon

Darlene Goff wrote:

I notice on your timings that shot to shot is 3.2. I would agree
with that. It corresponds to a somewhat slow processor. But isn't
that the processing time of the photo after it is taken till you
can take another photo and not the focusing itself?

Off to shot taken is 3.0 - I don't understand what that includes in
relation to shot to shot.

I am one who always prefocuses, even my DSLRs. So the times for
half-press (which I presume from the time you half press till the
green light comes on) seems acceptable (I consider that focusing)
and your numbers for that coincide with what I find.

The half-press to full press i.e. shot taken is what I consider
shutter lag is quick also in your timings and what I experience.

So which figure is the actual focusing time (not processing time)?

And regarding red eye flash - I never use that on any of my
cameras. It causes people to close their eyes in anticpation of
it. So that is 7 and terrible, but I will never use it.

So I am not questioning your timings. I am trying to understand
what is what. Do I have the wrong idea about what focusing and
what shutter lag is?

Thanks -- Darlene


In support of Darlene, I add my voice to her request for an explanation

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