Creative PS Studio Lighting on Flat Images...tutorial

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Creative PS Studio Lighting on Flat Images...tutorial

To avoid repeating these instructions again I decided to create this quick tutorial that will take flat images and add a studio lighting effect. It is very easy but you need to make a couple of shortcuts to speed up the process.

I am sending the action to atncentral but it might take awhile to post. Honestly, this is so easy with the shortcuts that you don't really need the action.

Mine are Ctrl/Alt/. for Color Range and Ctrl/Alt/, for Gaussian Blur. You can assign these in EDIT/Keyboard Shortcuts. I also have a shortcut for Curves Adjustment Layer and I use F8 for my Paint With Light action I (download at ). You can use Curves but you will have more options with PWL.

For Curves


1. Open picture and Click Ctrl/Alt/. for Color Range and use the picker to define highlights...move slider to tweak. Click OK. You will see your selection (marching ants). Click OK.

2. Create a Curves Adjustment Layer. The selection will automatically appear in the mask. Move the diagonal bar up to create a Highlight. It may look blocky but don't worry. It will be taken care of in the next step. Click OK.

3. Click Ctrl/Alt/, to open Gaussian Blur and smooth/blend the Highlights. Click OK.

Repeat the same steps for Shadows but in step 2, move the diagonal bar down.

That's it! Takes a minute to create Studio Lighting.


1. After opening the picture click your PWL shortcut.

2. Click picture and Ctrl/Alt/. to open Color Range for your Highlight.
Click OK.

3. Click LIGHT layer of PWL and add a mask. The selection will appear in the mask.

4. Paint with Light! Use white or color, adjust brush opacity, make brush BLACK to tweak if needed.

Repeat for PWL Shadow layer.

Don't forget to try different layer blend modes!


Flat view
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