Sony lens prices will come down...eventually.

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Re: Sony lens prices will come down...eventually.

KM Glassman wrote:

I think it is safe to say the price of Sony lenses will come down
in a few years. The reason is simple: In a few years, new Sony
lenses will be competing with used Sony lenses in the marketplace
and guess what, the used lenses will be less expensive.

The price of new drives the price of used, not the other way around. If the price of a 70-200SSM is $2000, then used ones will sell for some high percentage of that. Sure, Sony may "lose" a few potential sales to people who buy used, but that's sort of the nature of the market ... this stuff isn't disposable. Sony could drop their price by 25% but that would force the used gear sellers to drop their prices (used prices are driven by new) ... they could keep doing this until they give new lenses away for free; otherwise, used is always cheaper than new; used gear will always sell and new gear will always sell.

If prices on some of the more expensive gear are going to drop at all, it will be to increase sales because people are either seeing C/N as more competitive or buying 3rd party.

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