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I'm a Nikon shooter and have switched from NX to ACR (Adobe Camera Raw).

I was unhappy with the color accuracy of NX - a little to much "pop" and saturation. It's a nice effect sometimes, but the overprocessed look is fatiguing after a while. In contrast, the conversions out of ACR seemed dull and flat, but more balanced.

I started experimenting with the calibration settings in ACR and have been very happy with the results. Properly calibrated, ACR produces much more accurate RAW conversions.

I used the above tool (free!) to calibrate ACR for each of my camera/lens combinations. It's fairly fast and easy, but requires the use of the GretagMacbeth Color Checker reference chart. My RAW conversions are much more accurate now. I can add pop and saturation in post processing if needed for artistic effect. I prefer starting with an accurate image and working from there. There's a big difference between NX and calibrated ACR colors.

Too bad color calibration is not built into NX for each Nikon camera/lens. They could add a "Color correct" button to toggle the calibration settings. Perhaps there's too much color variability between same model cameras/lenses.

For some shots (product, logos, catalog, archiving, medical, etc) color accuracy is very important and requires calibration to a known standard. ACR is the only product I know that lets you do this.

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