First Impression Efillink CIS Epson 2200

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First Impression Efillink CIS Epson 2200

I recently purchased the Efillink CIS after looking at several other units. I looked at the Ink Republic, Ink Jet Fly, MIS and Media Street units. I was really leaning on the Ink Republic unit because of its reputation. I really didn't like the any of these units because of the way they sit besides the printer and the layout of the bottles. Kinda bush league looking. By accident, I ran into the Efillink unit. It “looked” complete. The ink is located in a self contained unit with a monitoring and pumping station. From a technical point of view, it “looked” well thought out and polished. The bonus was that it uses the Image Specialist inks as well and this ink seems to have a good track record for permanence. After discussing the use of the unit with Efillink, I finally purchased it.


The unit was surprisingly easy to put together. My greatest fear was mess everywhere and the spongeless carts leaking. If you watch the video on the website, the preliminary installation of the ink ribbon and carts in the printer were quite straight forward. The next step was to feed the ink into each reservoir. The directions were not clear enough as to how much you can insert in it so I was conservative and only put in a small amount. I realized later that I could have put in the entire 4oz. in the ink reservoirs all at once. This is important because I pumped in ink 3 times and doing this might have the potential to make a mistake. Using the syringe to vacuum the ink through the ribbon was very good without any mess. I had to make sure that the pop it valve was reseated after the bleeding of the ink into the carts.

The only complaint I had with this procedure was that the information for the installation was not in one convenient location. I expressed my concern about this to Efillink. To there credit we were able to correspond in real time to resolve any issue. So now I completed the installation and to my surprise, I did not have any leaking or major surprises. The bloody thing was working.

First Print

The package did not come with instructions and the video only covered the mechanical installation but not what to do after this step was completed. I emailed Efillink and they sent me an additional set of instructions. I did a few cleanings and did a couple of purges to get the bubbles out. The first print I did looked good. I tried several others and then I was getting some blobbing and smearing to the point I had to stop. Panic! I emailed them again, and was instructed to setup the unit by ensuring the plugs were sealing for the ink and to put the ink station on its pedestal. The pedestal is important because it sets the ink at the correct height in relationship to the cartridges. Something to do about siphon pressures and other gobble de-gook. It was explained that the unit needed to have the pressures equalized and that I should just leave the unit over night.

The next morning, I fired up the printer and made a print. I did this to see if the heads were clogged. The print came out perfectly. No smearing, or bleeding. Just a nice print. Man was I happy. Went out and shot a wedding that day and when I came home, I printed another image just to make sure that it wasn't a fluke and sure enough another perfect print. I use IJA Micro Ceramic Luster.

If you are doing production work, the printer MUST be profiled. I'm getting a slight magenta cast compared to the Epson ink I used before. It's enough to see for my liking and needs correcting. The other thing that improved the printing was doing a head alignment. I found that this also helped allot. I have however figured out how to get a decent color corrected photo by manually adjusting the printer settings. To get rid of the magenta cast, I did the following: C+10, Y+3. This is a good work around until I get my paper profiled.
Technical Support

The one thing that I found with the Efillink CIS was the superb technical support I got. Ronnie was there to help at every step. I choose to install the unit myself without any helps but when I ran into an issue he called me and we discussed the matter right away. I'm sure he's not going to be able to do that for everyone, but the support was there.


There are several things that could have been done to make the process better. The first is to have complete instructions located in one convenient location. The other is that the fill station uses batteries instead of a dedicated power supply. When I mentioned this to Efillink, they told me that due to specific country regulations, batteries were the only choice. I can understand this. I found a 4.5 volt transformer that I will be adapting to the unit to get rid of the batteries. Several things that you also have to look for is not to fill the tanks to the top. Apparently this is the cause of the blobbing I mentioned before. The other issue that I would have like to see is some generic profiles or settings for popular papers such as the Epsons or IJA. But when I went to the other Image specialist ink providers, no one had any profiles either.

I wrote this because I found very few reviews of the CIS's other than complaints, whining or praise. There seems to be a lot of interest in products such as this, but little to go on except great product, or bad product. So far, the Efillink CIS has exceeded my expectations in the following areas:

No Clogging
No leaking
No jamming

I was surprised at the color shift but I was reminded that this is NOT Epson ink and that adjustments need to be made. Also, comparing the ink cost between the sellers, Efllink is also more economical.

I have no affiliation with this company except being a happy customer.

I hope people find this a balance report of the product and I hope this helps anyone considering buying a CIS in the future.


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