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Re: dos and don'ts of modifying the CHDK

harvester wrote:

GrAnd, let's say I want to experiment with the CHDK and I have only
very limited C knowledge.
Are there any files which I absolutely must not touch without
knowing exactly what I am doing?

I guess I could savely experiment with most files: If it doesn't
work, I just remove the batteries from my cam. But are there any
files where you would say: "Don't touch this, it could permanently
change the original firmware of the cam!"?
Perhaps the files in the "loader" subfolder of the source? Or is
this question to difficult to answer?

From safety point of view you can modify any files. There is no code in sources which allows to update (rewrite) tha original firmware. So, the worst thing which can happen is just the new code wont work.

But you absolutely do not need to touch 'loader' folder. If you add new references to functions from original firmware you should make modifications in 'tools' and 'platform' folders, but this is not required so often.

If you like to add something or modify the existing functionality the only folder you need to look in is 'core' (may be also 'libs' and 'include').


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