Useful ISO 400 noise reduction for G-1/2, pro90

Started Mar 6, 2002 | Discussions thread
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NeatImage Example

Well, after seeing Vladimir's example of what NeatImage can do, I downloaded the program and took the time to learn how to use it. Amazing! I've tried it on three or four photos, all 2700 dpi scans of ISO 400 negs and slides on a Nikon Coolscan III. I've included an example below of what it can do. Note that in this example, I ran NeatImage on the raw scan -- I have done no colour correction, sharpening or anything else. I also used an "Amount" setting of only 40%, which avoided the overdone "dreamy" look that higher settings produce on this image.

Tomorrow, I will try NeatImage out on a couple of ISO 400 shots with my G2. Assuming I get the same great results, I'm gonna buy it for sure! The only downside is the slow processing speed, but if the developer adds a batch processing feature, then I can go do something else while NeatImage cranks away.

Richard Drdul
Vancouver, BC

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