Talk to me about noise (FZ50)

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Re: A couple of thoughts

connollymk wrote:

First of all let me say that with one exception, the FZ50 is almost
perfect for my needs. It, like all P&S cameras, is close to useless
for shooting good indoor school gym sports pictures. You need a
good DSLR for that. You did not mention this as one of your
requirements but I thought I'd point it out anyway.

First of all the handling and flexibility of this camera is
exceptional. I believe that this is a quality that is not given
nearly enough weight when people review the camera. A good shot of
an interesting subject is better than a potentially technically
excellent shot of the same subject if you can't take that excellent
shot because you had to change the shutter speed, f-stop, iso,etc.
and by the time you got all that done, the opportunity was lost. If
you take the time to learn how use the features, this camera is
FLEXIBLE! And you will be getting lots of shots you didn't get


So in summary, if you look at your pictures in the same modes that
I do, noise will not be an issue at all up to ISO 400 and even
ISO800 on occasion. If you are into pixel peeping or massive
cropping, then I would suggest looking into to a DSLR.

Mostly I agree on all your arguments as an FZ8 owner. But just to be on the sure side

I forked out an additional 150 euros (dollars for you) for a Fuji F20, and I found there's no comparison from 400 ISO onwards.

Finepix Fxx is even sharper at lower ISO's, but there Pana's have an edge in terms of focal lenghts and ergonomics.

They are the perfect match for a fraction of the cost of a dSLR system.

Panny, the king of the day, Fuji, the queen of the night. Perfect match. End of problems of Noise Reduction, or almost


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