Nikon & Sony rumours

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Re: The bigger issue

Mark K wrote:

Well said
People chasing after FF has perhaps forgotten one fact that Kodak,
Contax have released such cameras without great success.>

Well, for me I only looked at Canon and Minolta/Sony.

Others look at the big 3 (throw nikon in there)...Olympus does have a nice idea, the others are on the fringe of public view. So they failed in a sense as they were not being used as much as canons and nikons to begin with.

FF gives less noise, and if a person wants extra tele - go buy a lens for it - or use the lower end sports camera that cost an arm and a leg by canon.

FF is cool, I want to get as much of the pic as I can - of course others dont need it, so as my previous comment hints at, there are room for both models, until the pixels are so large that you can just have FF and crop in when needed.

  • After all people claim that 8 and 10 mp are enough. lol (Im a print freak, i like slick, smooth quality photos... none of the 'stuff' I have seen from the sports world in the past. What was deemed acceptable years back in the digital sports world was pretty poor.) But anyway...

sony alpha 100 * SAL 18-70mm

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