Nikon & Sony rumours

Started May 18, 2007 | Discussions thread
KEITH-C Forum Pro • Posts: 14,131

I would assume that Sony are well aware of the competition & what they must do to draw level. I t has always struck me that the predictions over any proposed FF DSLR from Sony have failed to take into account what Canon's next move might be.

Sony may , I repeat may , get away with slightly inferior noise performance at high ISOs providing that standard use gives superb high resolution images but they are also going to need to be realistic over the asking price. It is natural for people to want the earth ,in terms of value , for the lowest prices & if Sony are tempted to chase maximum profits that may backfire in a big way.

Kodak et Al did not fail because of FF cameras per se , rather it was how they introduced them without examining their market potential at the time & making realistic comparisons on quality with the rest of the market offerings.


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