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... Well, thought I'd jump in here. Firstly, I don't own an H9 I but do have an enormous amount of experience with Sony cameras. I have made my living from them for the past four years.

When the 828 was introduced, folk bagged it very quickly. Many really poor example images were posted to 'highlight' it's gross shortfalls.

I bought mine pre-reviews - it was actually the first sold in Bangkok. I have now taken close to 50,000 images with it.

The great majority of these are for commercial work and prints have been up to 2 x 1.5 metres. About 300 images have also been published in books and magazines.

Seems there are some folk who are also complaining about some examples of poor H9 image quality.

Having followed the threads here since the H9's introduction, I would have to say these are the minority.

What I see the great majority of the time is excellent images from the H9. People are posting some excellent examples. I always ask myself, 'Why is it that these threads get so few responses?' Seems strange that a negative post will attract dozens of responses but a positive one just a few ?

I've seen several posts that attract a lot of attention discussing, in detail, the merits, or otherwise, of a particularly bad image which I would have 'binned' for it's poor execution - let alone post it.

There are thousands of dynamics at play here, not the least the photographer, and if you wish to judge this camera fairly - just look at all the images being posted.

I don't own an H9 yet but will as soon as they are available here. I am certainly not scared by the (non) issues I have seen posted. Indeed, I am excited by the many wonderful images I have seen posted.

Flame and disparage if you wish but this is my opinion.
Rgds, Dave.
Have fun - take lotsa pix.

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