foggy evf,lcd,ovf compared partII

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foggy evf,lcd,ovf compared partII

There were some nice remarks on my little game with the xacti lately:

I did a little experiment while drinking a coffee.......

I have redone this "test" now to answers some questions in the thread above.

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Again-- This is a "test" that could be done better by professional testers with their perfect equipment.


  • There are reflections on the lower parts of the lcd (also in real life - even more!!), but I have tried to reduce them.

  • The FZ5 has a screen protection - it has to, otherwise many scratches would make the picture invisible.

  • Our impression looking through the evf is different (but there are not more pixels anyway)

So here we go - the second game with the xacti E6:
(this tiny camera shoots anything without toys like achromats)

FZ5 evf

FZ5 lcd

Nikon F301 SLR 50mm prime lens ovf

The scenery taken with the xacti

And last but not least:
Xacti E6 3' lcd

I don't dare to comment this - take your own conclusions and read the thread above.

Panasonic may have improved the finders lateron, but they sold a camera with such finders before ;-).



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