Panning and more on focusing...

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Darlene Goff Veteran Member • Posts: 3,596
Panning and more on focusing...

I took these panning photos of my hubby on his bicycle early this evening just before sunset. For those not familiar with panning, you lock focus on the moving object, keep the button half-pressed while you do a half-turn or so moving from your waist, and then take the photo at that point. You should get the moving object in focus and the background blurred.

But during this time I was watching how quick the camera focused. My hubby would come around a corner, and as he would come onto the screen, I would half press the shutter button and I noticed the camera focused instantaneously, time after time, and there did not seem to be much shutter lag when I took the photos, but it was right after that, that the processing seemed to be the slow point. Not as long as the 8800, but longer than one would expect with a little hourglass. Even when I was using burst mode earlier each photo seemed to have to process where as with the 8800 it allowed the photos to go through quicker in the burst, but then you had to wait much longer for the camera to be ready for the next shoot and you do not have that prolonged wait with this camera.

Settings: I was using program and I had the focus in the small tree (focus limiting) and was using single AF (not continuous focusing) but had the camera in continuous burst mode because I was shooting sunflowers earlier and it was very windy and I was trying to do bursts to get some focused flowers, but I was not using burst mode for panning, just forgot to take it out.

Just wondering if everyone could watch indoors and out how long it takes to focus and where is the slowness to you, or is there any.
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