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Re: A bit misleading

Seemolf wrote:

Erik37 wrote:

Sven, number three isn't equivalent with
what a DSLR OVF would show.

I never said anything like this,

No, but you started by saying: "dSLR freaks tell us, that we see
'nothing' compared to their optical viewfinders."

So I think some readers might get the impression picture number
three represented the DSLR.

but SLR people (I have have been
one some time ago)

I still have my Konica SLR, maybe I will shoot a test myself, if my other
digicams have close enough focus.

have no problem to find the focus.

Actually fast lenses can't be reliably manually focussed on a DSLR
wide open, at least not without a split prism and it's still hard, all
according to this page:

Though my objection was mainly about looks, not focus functionality.
Focus on an unmagnified EVF of this modest class is of course hopeless.

Sorry this was just a spontaneous view at my camera during a short
break. gave me a hint what professional testers could do for us.

No need to say "sorry", Sven :), I appreciate your post, I just wanted
to make sure readers don't draw the wrong conclusions.

Another point: the size when looking at the pictures on a normal
computer screen gives a FOV much bigger than reality, which also
exaggerates the difference, making the EVF look worse than it is.

Just my two oere
Erik from Sweden, main tool: F Z 5

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