Mac Pro or Macbook Pro

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Re: Decision...

You cant go wrong with either. Both are powerful machines. But you have to ask yourself if you would ever need the portability, because you are gonna sacrifice speed + upgradablity (GFX Card, more harddrives + Ram).

It seems many would like to advice you with graphic card upgrade with a Mac Pro. My advice is to hold on a bit longer with that, since the X1900XT is almost 1 year old soon enough. Save your money and wait for the next generation, since you can upgrade very easily on a Mac Pro.

Even when 1900XT came out, people where whining it was not the latest and greatest.

If you decide to go with a laptop, then you HAVE to get external harddrives via. Firewire800 or eSATA (Scratch disks), for maximum performance in CS3.

Good luck.

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