Mac Pro or Macbook Pro

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Re: Mac Pro or Macbook Pro

The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Pro have exactly the same processor (Intel Core 2 Duo) with exactly the same number of cores (two). The Pro model processors top out at 2.33GHz vs. 2.16 GHz for the new MacBooks (by itself, not much of an advantage.) The Pro models do offer bigger screens, better video cards (two options), a backlit keyboard and an aluminum case. You also get a bigger hard drive to start with (120 vs. 80GB) and FireWire 800. The Pro model batteries don't last quite as long, though.

There is much speculation that, in June, Apple will introduce new, faster MacBook Pro models with brighter screens that substantially reduce battery drain. If you think that the benefits of the MacBook Pro are valuable for the type of projects you expect to do, and can wait a month, it may be turn out to be very worthwhile.

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