1D MK3 shipping & focus issues - NOT rumors

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1D MK3 shipping & focus issues - NOT rumors

I have some information in interacting with Chuck on 2 points of interest for the MK3 camera and I have asked him if I can post the info and he said yes.

On the shipping of the camera here in the USA market only Chuck said:

"Canon U.S.A. is still on target to begin shipments of the EOS-1D Mark III to its authorized dealers by the end of May. This is the same information we supplied to dealers on April 16th, and there have been no changes in our plans since then. "By the end of May" is as close as I can say for now. Shipments may begin sooner than that (they have not begun yet in the U.S.A.), but they most likely won't begin any later than that. Again, this is U.S.A. information only. Shipment schedules in other markets may differ.

As I am sure you can imagine, demand for this camera is going to exceed available inventories for an unknown period of time. As a result, the camera will initially be "on allocation" to authorized U.S.A. dealers. It's difficult to say when a specific dealer will receive merchandise, or how many cameras will be shipped on a per-dealer basis. The basic idea is to spread the distribution as fairly as possible according to the orders we've received. We expect to receive shipments from the factory in Japan regularly, and shipments to dealers will be scheduled accordingly."

I asked Chuck about the focus issue that RG brought up:

"Hi, Peter:

Neither I nor anyone else I know at Canon has any complaints about Rob Galbraith's comments on the EOS-1D Mark III, nor did we attempt to influence his report in any way, shape or form.

I can't comment on the specific AF issues affecting pre-production 1D Mark III cameras, but I can confirm that none of the pre-production cameras were completely functional in terms of AF performance. In other words, there was nothing unique about the particular camera that Rob used.

In the meantime, the initial firmware for mass production samples of the 1D Mark III (i.e., cameras intended for sale to the public) has been approved. Therefore, it stands to reason that any known AF issues that may have affected the preproduction cameras have since been resolved to Canon's satisfaction. In any case, the proof will be in the pudding as "they" say. We are content to let our customers tell us what they think after they perform their own tests.

Best Regards,

Chuck Westfall
Director/Media & Customer Relationship
Camera Marketing Group/Canon U.S.A., Inc."

So preproduction cameras - ALL of them - were not fully functional in their AF.

And shipping is on target by the end of this month or sooner for the USA market.

Please do NOT quote Chuck unless you do it in it's entirety and also reference what he said as a quote from him.

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